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Our Instructors

Marcy Schaffer-Egot

Marcy Schaffer-Egot, Instructor

Marcy is Horses for Healing’s certified PATH Int’l. instructor. She passed her certification in June, 2010.

She worked diligently toward her PATH certification for nearly a year. She began by volunteering at Horses for Healing, then due to her qualifications, she was hired as an Instructor in Training shortly thereafter.

Marcy is also a California Credentialed Special Education teacher who has worked in both the Roseville and Twin Rivers High School Districts successfully for the past 10 years. However, due to health conditions following a near fatal car accident in 2008, Marcy decided to take a long term leave of absence from her full time teaching job.

Since Marcy has been involved with horses nearly her whole life, working with horses and special needs individuals at Horses for Healing was a perfect match. “It’s just what the doctor ordered, I help others through equine assisted therapy, and they help me to serve a purpose,” Marcy states.

Her favorite pastime is trail riding in the beautiful public lands. She loves to ride her favorite horse Sunny, a 9 year old Palomino Mustang she adopted and trained from the BLM.

She says horse back riding is both relaxing and therapeutic for her as well as her clients. She believes whole heartedly that her horses helped her to rehabilitate from her accident.

Marcy and her husband Raul have a mini ranch in Auburn where they enjoy their horses, dogs, cats, chickens and ducks. Their two sons, Blake and Ryan just recently graduated Placer High School and are attending Sierra and American River Colleges respectively.