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17th Dec



Anthony Rabak

I have Multiple Sclerosis. When looking to deal with symptoms associated with this condition I learned about therapeutic horse riding. Turns out horse riding is something beneficial when dealing with a disability. Enjoyable therapy sounded intriguing so I learned more. Why a horse? These gentle animals provide a unique multi-sensory means of therapy; the shape of their backs provides a perfect platform. Their pelvis is like ours in that it has a three-dimensional movement (up, down, and side to side). Their gait simulates our walking and the repetitive motion helps a rider improve muscle tone, strength, posture, flexibility and balance. A horse’s natural rhythm gently moves muscles and the spine.

Sitting on a horse can stretch hip joints reducing pain and spasticity in the legs. Many restricted to wheelchairs, braces or crutches can feel mobile again when riding a horse. On the outside you may just see a body riding a horse, inside it’s actually a spirit soaring. Besides the physical benefits, horse riding improves social skills, self esteem, self awareness and self achievement. In a safe environment trained instructors, volunteers and of course the horses make this possible. You don’t need to have ever ridden a horse before to enjoy these benefits. Personally I have experienced an improvement in my core strength and balance and find it relaxing (lowered stress is good when you have MS). I feel blessed to have found Horses for Healing. Some believe angels have two wings, I’ve learned that some have four legs.

My name is Anthony Rabak. I’m 43, married, and live in Grass Valley, CA.

I’m an inspirational writer. I’ve written a memoir and numerous articles, learn more on facebook.


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